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Brand Advertising & New Age Marketing!

Learn the most important details and secrets to successful Brand Visibility, Sales, Marketing & Authority Building you would ever need.

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Ayo Alex Alao, CEO Jetheights Services Ltd

"The one thing that separates successful digital marketing initiatives from those that seem never to deliver a significant ROI is 'Brand Authority'!"

What You Will Learn

This e-book is for every Personal And Corporate Brand that wants Local and Global relevance and trans-generational Influence.

How to make more sales online

Every business needs to make sales to remain in business, and if you must make more sales, you must learn the different ways to do so, while taking your brand to a whole new level. This book would teach you how.

Expert strategies to dominate any niche

The more people that believe in your ability to deliver quality, the better for your business. Implementing the right marketing strategies to dominate your industry and position yourself as an industry leader would make you a go-to person for resources your target market needs.

How to get more money from your business

Smart business owners always seek multiple channels through which they can pull in more profits and revenue to sustain their businesses. If you're having difficulties doing so, this book would expose you to new ways to make more money from recognizing opportunities you never knew existed.

Personal and corporate branding

Branding your business is good, but proper personal and corporate branding is what stands you out in your industry. The brand book would teach you how to achieve this for improved image and better results.

Authority building & influence

What's the one thing that separates successful digital marketing initiatives from those that seem never to deliver a significant ROI? Brand authority. The ability to structure and maintain strategic relationships that benefit people also counts here. You will learn more in this book.

Attracting high net-worth friends & clients

If someone with a net worth of $25 million tells a friend, who is worth only $3 million, to use your services, the person worth $3 million is more likely to listen. With this level of clientele, you should make referrals a big deal. This book would teach you how.

Setting up promotional ads that work

Great content works, but you must ensure that your content gets to the right audience at the right time and when they need your products or services. I'll show you how in this book.

Combining effective marketing tools

There are several pieces of marketing material needed for effectively marketing high-end services. They are actually the same materials used for marketing average services, just presented more professionally and targeted to the high-end. These materials are explored in this book.

Facebook Pixel Setup

New age marketing is all about providing a better, more complete experience for your customers. Whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large business — your ability to make your customers happy ultimately plays the biggest role in your ability to grow and establish your reputation in the digital world.

And many more!

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"Across all industries, the top opportunities go directly to a small group who present themselves as Key People of Influence in that field. The rest of those in the industry are left to fight over the opportunities that the KPIs turn down. Be a part of the winning team."

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Who Should Read The Brand Advertising and New Age Marketing Book?

In this book, I share lessons and easy to follow tips from 2009, when Jetheights was birthed in the UK, our research and experience working with top international brands, high net worth individuals, coaches, thought leaders and SMEs on how to build top brands for oneself, clients and anyone else without breaking the bank.

  • For business owners and career professionals looking to establish a solid global and local personal & business brand.

  • For entrepreneurs who want to attract clients, recognize business opportunities, navigate tough times and make more money while doing so.

  • For forward- thinking brands who are ready to unearth business marketing and sales secrets, and apply them to transform their brands.

  • For business owners ready to apply the actual realities and new rules of branding in this new age for improved growth.

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You pay only N2,000 to get a copy on any e-book platform)

What Readers Are Saying About The Book

"The world is changing and so is the digital space. Entrepreneurs simply cannot afford to remain stagnant. Only serious and savvy business owners know to accustom themselves with these changes if they hope to stand out and stay top of mind. The New Age Marketing book systematically discusses relevant steps to take to achieve this. It's a book to remain at your bedside because you ought to read it over and over."

– Karl Peters 

My all-time go-to book for reference and sales implementation. I learn something new each time and every time, it works!

– Olufemi Johnson

"For over two years now, I've worked closely with Mr. Ayo, being mentored by him, and you bet I've learnt a thousand from him. However, I was marveled at how much he put out in this book; too much a lot of businesses need but have no idea about. You never know why your business isn't getting the right traction until you discover you really do not know much about what needs to be in place. Reading the Brand Book thought me that."

– Ruth Azuka

"The importance of this book cannot be overly emphasized. It is worth the hype and I already see my business in a new light. It's so easy to identify business opportunities I never even knew existed. It's powerful and loaded with secrets lots of successful people wouldn't want you to know."

– Jude Agboola

The Bonuses That Come With The Book

Bonus #1: MONETIZE

In this e-book, you will learn ten (10) awesome ways to make money online.

(Worth $10)


This book contains variety of techniques on influence and persuasion. With this, you can learn to influence and persuade anyone to do business with you, anytime.

(Worth $50)


Step-by-step DIY Guide on how to engage and sell to anyone using proven copywriting techniques and skills.

(Worth $70)

The Total Value Of The Bonuses Amounts To More Than $130 In Absolute Value!


Take a quick look at what you could be missing out on

  • CHAPTER 1:    Why Branding?

  • CHAPTER 2:   Industries, people and firms that have upped their game with branding

  • CHAPTER 3:   Elements of branding

  • CHAPTER 4:   Brand architecture and brand strategy

  • CHAPTER 5:   Online reputation and brand hero tool kit

  • CHAPTER 6:   Becoming the brand hero

  • CHAPTER 7:   Online tools for effective brand management

  • CHAPTER 8:   Attracting high net-worth individuals

  • CHAPTER 9:   New age marketing and advertising

  • CHAPTER 10:  Online advertising and marketing secrets

  • CHAPTER 11:   Establishing your brand for local and global domination

  • CHAPTER 12:   Personal branding for thought leadership and career success.

About The Author

I am the CEO of Jetheights Services Ltd and Jet writers, one of Nigeria's and Africa's leading Web, Content & Digital Marketing agencies preferring world class responsive website experiences, e-commerce solutions, brand consultancy, PR, content writing, editing and digital marketing services for forward-thinking brands using growth-hacking tools and trusted technologies to increase sales, brand visibility, improve ROI and make brands unforgettable.

As a Seasoned Management Consultant, Tech-Driven Business Strategist, and Life& Leadership Coach with over 15 years of experience, I can guarantee that if you follow the steps in this book to the letter, you will get tangible results immediately and in 30 days or less. If you continue in this path, you'd be able to establish your brand and name in the hearts of everyone who comes across you, positively.

I am also the Founder of Jetheights Academy Africa, a platform for corporate Training and online courses; actively supporting & mentoring Africa’s next generation of leaders. I have in here lessons and easy to follow tips from 2009, when Jetheights was birthed in the UK, our research and experience working with top international brands, high net worth individuals, coaches, thought leaders and SMEs on how to build top brands for oneself, clients and anyone else without breaking the bank.

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